Storm's Photography

A note from Storm: My photographic work centers around my interest in nature.  But, more than just panoramic record shots, I look closer at the art that nature provides.  It's the curve of a tree trunk, the frothing of white water around a moss-covered rock, or a colorful red leaf amid a sea of green grass that captures my interest.  While not actually abstract, the closer look at nature provides the viewer an opportunity to visually “step into nature” and spend a moment experiencing the texture, flow, and color that surrounds us all. 

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About Storm

Storm's background is in broadcast journalism.  For more than 20 years, he reported news for radio and television stations in Arkansas and Oklahoma.  He spent another five years producing video projects in Dallas, Texas.  His photographic work has been featured in printed sales materials, brochures, web sites, billboards, and newspaper reports. 

For the past 12 years, Storm has worked in public education and media relations for local fire departments.  He is currently the Fire Prevention and Education Manager  for Hillsboro Fire Department.


In Storm's View by Debbie Smith

This book features Storm's photographs taken in Oregon and Washington.

In Storm's View by Debbie Smith |